Thursday, 24 April 2014

GOT Golden Oldie Thursday

Something tropical?

I did have an idea for this weeks ago but forgot to get it down so I've forgotten it so I am re-using a mani that I did at the weekend some of you will have seen it already but hey ho! I've been distracted with planning my wedding and it is exhausting chasing venues.

The colours I used were collection 2000 Hip Hop & Fiery red and W7 Hip Hop so inadvertently this has turned into a GOT mani without me trying so I'm thrilled.
This mani was done originally because I went to see the lion king. I used to go watch stuff at the theatre when I was younger but haven't been in around 10 years so it was nice and I may just have to go see more.

So I did the sunset by sponging on the yellow as a sunset across all of my nails so small bits of sun in the corners of the index and pinky finger and then the full part of the sun on my middle 2 nails slanting down slightly on either end.

(BTW this is all over a white base)

I then waited until it had dried and sponged a little orange over the yellow not a lot just enough to create a haze on the yellow. I then sponger red into the spaces that were left white and slowly built it up. I waited until it was all dry and then with my Rio Nail art pen/striper drew on the landline and filled it in with black and then drew on the trees.

It was fairly time consuming but only because I kept having to wait for stuff to dry to carry on but at the end of it all I loved it.

Let me know what you think below



  1. I bet they were the prettiest nails at the show!

    1. I hope they were :) is that big headed?