Tuesday, 29 April 2014

TPC - the final combo in April

Hi Everyone,

Today is the last time for these colours for the month of April. It has been a really fun month with these colours today's mani is something I love to do but only do periodically because it is messy and that is watermarbelling.

I love this technique but my GOSH it takes so much prep I always get part way through sellotaping my fingers and remember I've forgotten something (usually to get a drink or go to the bathroom or cotton buds haha). BUT not this time haha I was prepared

Next month's colours are Purple, Red and Green and I am looking forward to seeing what the other girls come up with.

I changed the colours slightly just because I know that my blue BarryM Atlantic road doesn't watermarble well so I swapped it for BarryM Cyan blue.

Here are the results.

Sorry about the thumb but I had a major break on Sunday on the thumb nail and it couldn't be saved so off it came now I'm left with a nubbin but I don't mind because an awesome pattern came out on it, and the cuticles I am getting on it now just bought some more Cuticura which is heaven for my hands lashings are going on as we speak.

I love this technique I did a different pattern for each finger but it was well worth it.