Saturday, 3 May 2014

Get to know me

Hi everyone,

So I thought it would be a good idea for you lot to get to know me in a bit more details and if I can get to know you it would be great.


1. For how long have you been a nail nerd?
Probably about 18 months in total. I started properly going nuts for nail polish around December 2012 I had enjoyed painting my new grown nails at this point. I had been a terrible biter but then my now fiance proposed to me of course I said yes and he said on one proviso that I would stop biting my nails because he hated them being so red and painful. I agreed stopped biting and low and behold I now love my nails and we finally set a date this last weekend haha we don't rush into things. I got a cheap nail kit from argos and as soon as I got home I ripped it out of the packaging and started doodling I have to say the polishes in that kit are REALLY good for a no name brand the are great for stamping also. I got given a few polishes that christmas and it snowballed from there haha and my fiance agreed it was his fault I now have sooo many polishes as he is the one who stopped me biting. 

2. How many polishes do you have in your collection?
errrrrmmmm I don't know :-S I should count but I kind of don't want to because I'm scared haha all I know is that by the end of the year I will need a helmer as I will have run out of room in my bedroom dresser. 

3.If you, starting now, had to use polishes from one brand only, which one would it be?
BarryM I love this brand so cheap but so versatile I don't think i'm alone in this either. If BarryM want to send me some stuff to review I would be ecstatic to do that :). I used BarryM in one form or another in most of my manicures. 

4. How much do you spend on polish and nail care in one given month?
Ermmmm I am trying to not spend a lot at the minute as saving up for my wedding next year so at most maybe £20 in a month but free voucher's don't count I sometimes get Amazon vouchers and stuff from work so that always goes into a splurge of one polish or a few bits and bats like decals. I am also always on the look out at poundshops and discount stores for a bargain.

5. The most expensive polish in your collection?
Probably my OPI polishes when they retail at £12 a bottle but you see a bargain online or in discount stores if you search for long enough or it might be my gorgeous bottle of Butter London from Debbie @ the crumpet.

6.What are your lemmings right now?
I don't think I have any lemmings this might change but for right now I go by brand rather than just 1 polish.

7. Favourite finish?
Gelly and Matte. I love gelly for the fact it looks amazing when you put it on and have to do nothing with it but I love the feel of a matte top coat.

8. Finish you can't stand.
Blergh I know people might disagree with me about this but crackle polishes. I think it is a lazy mani. I love seeing it on people but when I put it on I feel like a cheater I only use it if a mani has gone wrong such as I don't like the colours.

9. What nail care products can't you live without?
Cuticura hand and nail cream I can't believe you can get this from poundland I love it I got it christmas 2013 after struggling with many moisturisers you can get from the supermarket most were too oily and voila my hands and cuticles are amazing!. They are rehydrated not splitting I love this I will have to buy some of the cuticle cream I've seen people ravving about from Lush and Burts Bees but for now this will do and Sally Hansen cuticle oil.
I use normal emery boards for filing my nails down never had any problem with them. Also cuticle sticks. 

10. What polish is on your nails right now?
Nails Inc St Martin's Lane on the left hand and naked on the right prepping for polish after i've had tea.

Wow that was alot more than I thought i'd put but here you go. Feel free to follow on from this ask me questions, feature it on your blog  


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