Thursday, 1 May 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday Flower Power

Hi guys,

I'm back today with a very cheery nail art entry for todays Golden Oldie Thursday Challenge, the theme for today as the title suggests is flowers.I thought I'd try a different way (for me atleast) of doing flowers.I used BarryM white (not over a year old but I have been using this brand and this colours for over a year in almost every mani so I stretched it a little) and La Femme Black.

I decided to try a water marble and try and make a flower pattern on my nail and I then topped it with  one of my flower embellishments that I got ages ago.
I watched some of the lovely videos on youtube from Colette @ My Simple little pleasures she is the watermarble queen and I bow down to her I wish I could get my technique as good as hers.

Anyway onto the nail art.

I have gone for something not exactly bright and cheery but simple and something that has caught my eye, I have gone for black and white although they look grey and a couple of nails look a mess because by this time I think the water was getting a bit messy as i'd done 8 other nails individually and I think I had bits of the other colours floating in the water so I couldn't get a good water surface.

This really popped to me I don't know why but it did.

I can't wait to look through all the other girl's pictures. If you like what I have done you can keep up to date with me via bloglovin, here on google by adding me into your circle or on instagram, I have some add me button's on the home page feel free to have a mooch around my page.



  1. Absolutely lovely! Great job Roz!

  2. They look fab! I always fail at watermarbling, it's all the tape and cleanup that puts me off!x

    1. Yeh I need a good hour and a half to set it all up and get one hand done atleast but I love the results :)

  3. I love this idea of how you have turned the water marble into a flower! It looks gorgeous x

    1. Thanks I am going to definitely do more like this