Thursday, 8 May 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Gradient Taped Mani

Hi to all,

Today's theme on GOT is Neon. This theme got me worried at first and then I looked in my draw and I was suprised and went oooooh. I have neon colours that I didn't consider neon. I have gone with BarryM SLE Lime Green, W7 Hip Hop, W7 Flourescent Pink and Collection 2000 Hip Hop. I had no idea what to do with them and then wham it hit me and I loved the idea a taped gradient. Here are the colours and then please read more because I loved this mani and I hope you do to.

So I decided because I had four colours rather thantry and shuv them on one sponge and get annoyed as no blending or too much i'd split it up and alternate the colours, on my thumb I did Pink orange and yellow and on my index finger I did orange, green and yellow and alternated fingers with those colours and woweee this mani when I got it in the sun POPPED!

I started by doing a white base colours I only did 1 thickish coat with BarryM white and waited until it had dried I then put the tape on at odd angles no real pattern to it. I then applied my colours to the sponges and blended them on a piece of paper before applying to my nails. Blending on the paper before is a must for me now as they all blend together much nicer and no harsh lines of colour.

What colour tape do you use when you are doing a mani can you get clear tape as you can see in the pics I get some black transfer left behind as that is all I have other than silver and gold and it makes my mani look mucky which annoys me.

Anyway I loved this mani. If you like what you have seen have a peek around my blog and follow me on bloglovin at the side of the page 



  1. I love these tape manis - great colors! :)

    1. thanks, I loved the way this mani turned out.

  2. Love the colours and design you chose, it looks beautiful! I love using neons!

    1. thanks this is the first time I have combined all these colours together but I loved them i'm definatly buying some more.