Friday, 9 May 2014

Review and swatching Nails Inc Sloane Avenue

Hi everyone,

I have had these pictures waiting in my memory card to be edited and written up for what seems likes ages but in reality only a couple of weeks.

Here we go.....

I do have a coral, I said a few weeks ago on a prompt for the crumpets GOT challenge that I only had 1 coral but I now know I have 2. This in the bottle to me looked pink not coral I think it has been damaged by sunlight in the bottle but when you put it on it is clearly coral.

The application is nice and smooth just like many of the other Nails Inc products I have the first coat went on very opaque but again this is quite common with the polishes i've used before. I put the 2nd coat on and this was nearly all the way done for the colour but I could still see a little VNL so I put on a 3rd coat it is a lovely self leveling colour. It applies smooth although it does take a while to dry not sure if that was just for me as i've had no problems with the other polishes but hey ho!

I played about a bit and decided to try out one of the patterns on my MoYou London plates I still need to get my technique right for the end of my nail I can't seem to apply enough pressure at both ends?

So there we have it, in conclusion I like this colour it is nice and vibrant and has a nice formula and would look lovely on a summers day.


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