Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The 1st of the Month's Tri Polish Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

I hope you have had a lovely weekend we did here in the UK it was a bank holiday so if you were lucky enough to work for someone who gives you that time off then it was a 3 day weekend YIPPEE. It meant lots of time to walk my dog as we have had wonderous weather for a change and lots of time planning future mani's.

So this months colours for May are Purple, Red and Green I had no problem  in choosing these with the weather as lovely as it is I might change the purple about but otherwise these are lovely.

Here they all are in their glory.

I have been wanting to try this technique for a while and just thought to hell with it lets give it a go and that is the distressed technique I think I watche d half of 1 video on youtube to get ideas and then just dove into it. I'm not sure it turned out right but it looked different I can definatly say that.

I had this on for a few hours before it started to dawn on me it looked a little sparse so I got out my polish again and a black colour that I have defo had over a year and put on some more.

It reminds me of zombies a little? is that wierd or is it just that i'm wanting to watch walking dead and have just seen that rob zombie is at download this year hmmmm

Any way I hope you all had a lovely weekend what did you all get up to?


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  1. I've been wanting to try the distressed technique out too! I love the outcome of this!! So pretty and gives it that graffiti look too! Enjoy your nice weather! It's been nice here in the states too, when you're not sick from all of the pollen :-(