Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Tri polish challenge #2 for may

Hi again,

Today is the Tri polish challenge again. I have actually written down a list of techniques I want to try or perfect and it is a long list atleast 20 that I could think of off the top of my head one of them being flowers/floral so i gave it ago again.

Here are the colours for this month and the past month and next months 
I have used Avon Purple, BarryM red glitter and BarryM Greenberry gelly. (ermmmm none of those are what I picked out in my last mani go check it out HERE.)

Here is the floral I attempted I am some what happy but I still need to practice

These photo's are with no topcoat just as they were on my nail

These few are with a matte topcoat if you can tell?



  1. Gorgeous! I especially love the background you have done! Great idea to apply the matte top coat too, I've never applied it over glitter before :) ! P.s. If you are interested I'm doing a World Cup nail competition and I'd love you to take part :) don't worry if not that's okay :) if you are interested then the details are on my blog xx

    1. Thanks I love matte top coats. I will have a look at your blog i'm always up for a challenge

    2. I love matte top coats too! Which do you use? I use the OPI one it's great :) p.s. glad you have entered! :D

    3. I used the matte top coat from primark its not as good as the bourjois one I have but it was the first one to hand and works the same just takes longer to dry