Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday

Hi everyone,

So today I have only used one of the colours from this months colour theme of purple, red and green I have gone for red because I wanted to do this mani for my fiance not that he will even read this post but the thought is there. 

If you are a football fan you may or may not know about this team Rotherham United. If you are not a footie fan you may just want to look at the pics and laugh.

Here are a few facts about them they are a team from a district within Sheffield in South Yorkshire. They have recently moved to a new stadium called New York Stadium

The reason I wanted to do this post was to celebrate them getting promoted from League 1 to the Championship in the football leagues. This is going to cause some heated debates this next football season as I support Leeds United (I would say the mighty leeds but they don't deserve that after their performance at the end of the season) and they are already in the Championship. 

Basically Rotherham's manager has done really well and got them promoted 2 years in a row. This post is to celebrate that and say thanks to my fiance for being their for me :)

What do you think? I was pleased with this at the time but I could have done better you can kind of see that it almost looks like the logo but kind of not!
Do you like football (or soccer for the people over the pond) if you do who's your favourite team?
Have a wonderful day and have a look below at the other Tri Polish Tuesday entries


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