Monday, 30 June 2014

Blogger Review Ice Polish Disney Collection Part1

Hi everyone,

Todays' post is my very first blogger review. Erin from Ice Polish kindly sent me these polishes from her new collection which is based on the Disney characters from various films. Head over to her facebooked page HERE

I have decided to split this in to 2 posts so this first one is a review of Mulan, it is a lovely blue holo that glistens in the sunshine.

This photo was taken at a concert I went to so it was in darkness with the flash on my phone.

This polish took 3 coats it probably could have done with an undie but I wanted to just do it as it came from the bottle, even though there was a tiny bit of VNL I didn't mind at all because I am a lover of blues I had to try this one first and it was just as gorgeous on as it was in the bottle.

The polish is named Mulan after the Mulan disney character - duh haha. It is a lovely pale blue not quite baby blue as there is a slight darkness to it but oh my the holo, the holo it is beautiful. It glistened in the sun.

 The pictures below show the polish in all it's holo goodness. If you follow me on Instagram I sneek peeked this a few days ago my computer wouldn't work right for me so I had to delay getting this up until now.

Erin at Ice polish is a lovely person, she kept me up to date with my package when she sent it and it only took 1 week to get from the good old USA to me in the UK a week for me that is amazing as sometimes my regular post takes longer than that. So I would highly recommend you head over to her store @ etsy and have a poke around I'm sure she will have something to tempt you.

These polishes were sent to me for my honest review.

That is the 1st post from this collection I have got one more coming up in a couple of days so pop back, follow me on instagram or on bloglovin' to keep up.



  1. What a fantastic shade of blue. If only I wasn't on a no buy.....

    1. it is really pretty in person. I'm thinking about doing a giveaway soon so may be getting a holo from her for it.