Thursday, 19 June 2014

Golden Oldie Free choice - I'm a kid in a candy store

Hi all,

When I saw this was a free choice I kinda got excited and just went rummaging through my draw of polish. I have seen a mani done by chitchat nails and this influenced VERY heavily this mani. It is the post showcasing KBShimmer's textured polishes in a rainbow CLICK HERE TO SEE IT Marta did from green to purple I went a little further and used 6 polishes in 1 mani haha I went from orange through the spectrum to pink.

There is only 1 week left of this instalment of Golden Oldie Thursday and I have to say I can't wait for the next lot.

The polishes I used in order are W7 HIP HOP, BarryM Tangerine, BarryM LE 321, BarryM Cyan Blue Sinful Colours Let's Talk and W7 Flourescent Pink.

Here they all are

So I did a rainbow from my thumb to my pinky and because it was a summery day when I did this it felt even better when I had it on, I still have it on a couple of days later because it is just pretty haha.

I would have loved to top this off with a glitter topper I may just buy one soon and try it out again. All photos were taken with a top coat.

Anyway have a look at what the other girls created they are all amazing nail artists so I'm sure they wil have created amazing stuff.


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