Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday - A new month A new start

Hi all,

Today marks the start of another month of Tri Polish Tuesday incase you didn't know what that is, as it sounds there are 3 colours in each month and you have to use those colours to create mani's atleast one mani of the month must have the 3 colours but you don't have to stick with the same 3 all month you can give it a bit of a change which I did most of last month.

This month's colours are

This was no problem for me so off I went. I have actually planned out what I am doing, not quite when but I know what I have planned for the month! wow a whole month planned all I need to do is create them, that's the easy bit :)

I decided to do a needle drag I tried this about a month ago and it kind of worked but I think I had a beter plan this time. I used Butter London Slapper, Nails Inc Sloane Avenue and BarryM Nude.

I did a white base I did this mani twice because the first time I did it the nude just created a mush it made the green and coral a brown and looked horrid so this mani is now without nude. It is a white base with Butter London and Nail Inc.

I really like the way the turquoise pops with the coral.

I'm hoping the new colours for July come out soon as I'm away soon and I want to get ahead.

Have a look below at what the other girls have created and don't forget to follow us.



  1. So pretty! Great colours and the drag is gorgeous!

    1. Thanks I love this technique no mess which is great