Monday, 16 June 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday Nude, Coral, Turquoise

Hi again it's me,

We are back with the next installment of the TriPolish Challenge and this month's colours are Nude Coral and Turquoise. I am liking this months colours a lot and they work really well together.

I have decided today to do some chevrons, it has been a while since I have done them and thought I'd give it ago again, I need to be more patient with my designs, I get impatient after 5 mins or so and want to pull the tape off but I know it need longer.

It is the penultimate week so the next round of colours should be coming out any time, if you feel like you want to take part head over to crumpets nail tarts on facebook and join all of us that take part.

As I said I am doing chevrons but with a little twist chevrons but with a negative space. I did a base of BarryM Nude this has to be the clearest nude out there because it has a little skin tone colour in it but unless you do 3 coats like I did last time you can't really tell you have it one.

This time I did just the one to keep the theme going.  I then got my tape placed it on and set to work putting the chevrons on, I think the most time consuming thing was cutting out the chevrons I need to buy some nail vinyls from shesellsseashells.

I got impatient again and couldn't wait I got half of my mani perfectly timed no problems then the 2nd half didn't go as well the polish was still wet so when I took the tape off it took little bits of polish with it.

Have a look at the other girls mani's below there is the link up for the girls to take part


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