Monday, 2 June 2014


Hi Everyone,

This is my first ever twinsies challenge and it was set up by the lovely lisa over @ Lisas-nails. She put a request out on instagram and just by luck I was thinking about it that morning so I replied and she got in touch. Lisa suggested we try our own way of doing nail art by PinkFlyingCow she does amazing nail art and does tutorials on youtube this is the one she suggested. I watched it and loved it so here we are today.

Here is the original tutorial we watched by Pinkflyingcow.

If you are on instagram and follow me you will have seen these yesterday if you want to follow me follow the link at the top of the page

I don't think it is ever easy to hand draw flowers and I found this out when I tried.

Here is what Lisa did

I loved these nails they were just cute 

If you want to do twinsies nails with me message me on instagram or drop me a line through google :) I really enjoyed this.


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