Thursday, 10 July 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - EPIC FACE PALM

Hi all,

Today's post will be epic-ly short I'm sorry to say, if you saw my post yesterday about Tri Polish Tuesday and how I didn't take enough photo's this also leads on from that. I can't believe I did this but that's what happens when I have what I feel like a zillion things to do in my mind.

In reality I only have like 5/6 things that need to be done at this point in time BUT I just can't stop my brain from swirling like a spinning top so everything is getting mixed up and messed up.

The prompt for todays' post is lime green/bright green and I immediately thought China Glaze Tree Hugger as I rarely use it, I liked this mani it was just nice and simple but I only ended up taking 1 picture yes 1 from me the picture hoarder, I had convinced myself I had taken more pictures and that I wasn't daft enough just to take that 1 and didn't check the memory card DOH!

here is the picture.

Out of focus shaky and horrid lighting BLERGH I can't believe I did this but oh well. 

Have a look at the inlinkz below because there are a lot more on there that are better than mine.

Has anyone ever done something similar to this before?

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