Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday - The new month

Hi guys,

I am back from my holiday and I know I'm a week late with my Tri Polish Tusesday that is waiting in the wings to be edited etc and will be up this week but for today I've got the 2nd instalment of this but posting it first LOL.

If you don't know what Tri Polish Tuesday it is fairly simple, we have 3 colours to use in mani's on a tuesday of every month, you can use all the colours in atleast 1 of the mani's in the month but you don't have to use them for the whole month if you don't want to, head over to CRUMPETS NAIL TARTS on facebook if you want to join in.

This week I attempted water marbeling again, sometimes I love doing this other times I do not and this was an I DO NOT like time. I tried it origianlly with BarryM Fuschia, Sally Hansen Royal Romance but the Sally Hansen seemed to stop the barryM spreading so I changed it to OPIs Vampsterdam and that worked a little better here is the fail I did with Sally Hansen and BarryM 

Here is what I managed with the opi and BarryM.

Sorry for the poor quality pictures but I got all flustered last night thinking I need to catch up on challenges and swatching and so I took it all off not realising I hadn't taken more photos as you will see with my Golden Oldie challenge on Thursday which is a total face palm. But on the other hand (no joke intended) I have got on the most gorgeous Zoya from their pixiedust collection and I've got Primark on the other hand lol I can't wait to show you the zoya

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