Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday - Simple but oh so pretty

Hi Girlies,

This is this months final day with these colours and I am a little glad I was struggling with ideas on this last one.

I decided on something simple but made me go ooooooh when I decided on it. I have gone with one pink BarryM Fuschia and I decided to top it with Hard Candys Beetle.

Pre warning some of the photos are blurry that's only because I couldn't get my camera to capture the true colour a lot of the time and just had to point and shoot when I got it.

You can see now my nails are short, I had a nail accident the other day if you follow me on instagram I showed you the before and after. I get to rock some short nails for a bit.

The pink acted as a lovely base colour for this and in no sunlight the nail polish looked a lovely juicy plum colour, as soon as the sun hit it though BAM! you could see yellow, gold, bronze, purple even a touch of green and the base colour pink. Beetle is a glitter duochrome and just oh so preety on it's own over a color *drool*

This is me over and done with for today's post have a look below and check out the girls blogs for more interesting nail art.


  1. Such a pretty polish and looks gorgeous on you :D

    1. Thanks charlie I do love this polish it just transforms any polish so yummy