Saturday, 16 August 2014

New KIKO Milano store in Leeds

Hi everyone,

Today I have a little treat for you I nipped into Leeds the other weekend and went to the new Kiko store. From the outside it look very nice modern with sleek lines a lovely glass front which is in style with the rest of the trinity shopping centre in Leeds.

I went inside and was served by the loveliest shop assistant. If you haven't been to a Kiko store before it is a very nice experience.

The Leeds store is lovely and bright. The shop assistants couldn't do enough to help me. They have something that I have never seen in a cosmetics store before. On the polish section they have testers which are clearly marked, they have a sellotape dispenser on each stand and you can tear off a piece put it on your hand and try out the polish and see how it looks on and with your skin type.The lovely sales assistant picked out a few colours for me to try and she even demonstrated the nail polish remover pot which remove all but a few fleks of her glittery nail polish (we know how hard that stuff is to get off).

On the wall on the right as you walk through the door they have most of their range of nail polishes, the quick dry, their top coats and base coats etc and it is all clearly labelled at a very very reasonable £2.50 per bottle for standard polish, prices for the other polishes vary a little.

They have little islands in the store as well on these stands are more goodies. They have the rest of their cosmetics stands on the wall and they have tests galore. On the little island opposite the nail polish they have a range of polish which holds some of their standard range of nail polish and some of their other glittery sparkly ranges.

Further down they have a very glittery couple of pots of nail polish which they were on offer reduced from £3.99 or £4.99 to £3.50 and they all looked lovely but I don't need any more glitter polishes I've got enough. They had tester again in front which I think is a fantastic thing because we all know how annoying it is to get home and be under whelmed by a polish.

I was treated amazingly by the staff and I would highly recommend you nip into a store just the experience. You can buy Kiko from their online website CLICK HERE to visit , they have 5 stores in the UK 4 in the South and 1 in Leeds if you want to find out if there is one close to you here is the store locator. I have not yet seen it stocked anywhere other than their own stores but if you have any info about this drop me a message. 

Here is what I bought a gorgeous blue, a fabulous green and a sparkly pink. I will show you the nail art I created with these polishes and my swatches and reviews

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