Tuesday, 26 August 2014

The final Tri Polish Tuesday for August

Hi all,

I lost inspiration with this mani and patience haha. I have planned in doing a mani using straws and dotting on the colours in the shape of the straw. Below is a similar design to what I wanted to do, I don't know the original person who did the nail art if you know message me so I can credit

One major floor with this manu is my nail shape :( it was too rounded to let the straw fully get on the nail and I just ended up with blobs on the 2 nails I tried. Instead I just grabbed a dotting tool and drew random lines on my nail. I used 2True shade 44 and BarryM Damson for this mani.

I topped with Bourjois matte top coat.

Over all today's mani a bit of a fail has anyone else tried this method and had it work if so let me know your technique.

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