Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday #2

Hi everyone,

I have something I think is cute, I was inspired by a good friend of mine called alison who makes lots of different items herself, head over to her facebook page here for a look, she is amazing and can do basically anything you request she made me a nail polish carrier ages ago and it's still going strong despite me standing on it once by accident.

I decided to do some bunting. She has done some amazing ones lately I could no way have got the detail onto my nail that she did on the bunting but I gave it a go.

I used MUA Blue Sky, W7 Hip Hop and 2True shade no 41 and a Rio nail art pen.

This is what I managed to do I was quite happy with this, I had planned on going round the bunting with a black nail art pen but I left it and decided not to.

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Have a look below at the other lovely nail art created.

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