Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday - Blue Yellow and Red week #3

Hi All,

Today is the weekly tri polish Tuesday challenge. I have used all 3 colours again and even managed to sneak in black this time. Here is a reminder of what is to come.

I decided just to splodge some colours on my nail over a white base and then see what it looked like. I grabbed my sponge and my polish and set to work blobbing. Once I was done I added a layer of crackle nail polish. I used MUA Sky Blue, W7 Hip Hop and a no name red polish

Sorry about the tip wear I did the mani late night and didn't get to do photos until like a day or 2 later 
I have to say I will be glad when this month's colours are over because I just have no inspiration with red yellow and blue my brain stalls and can't think of anything.

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