Friday, 8 August 2014

Twinsies with RachelC from The Imperfect10 Blog

Hi everyone,

I am a little annoyed at this, I had this post all ready and raring to go last night but some point between editing it and checking now it has disappeared! WTF!!! so this will be all I can remember from memory.

I have something new to me at least for you today a twinsies nail art with RachelC from The Imperfect10 blog. We originally started with a triplets nail art but that will come later on so me and Rachel stayed in contact and she suggested we do a water spotted mani. I had never done or attempted to do a water spotted mani so before I said yes I thought I'd give it a go and see if the spray I wanted to use would work.

Here is the first attempt. I used OPI You're so Flippy Floppy which is a gorgeous honey yellow that sparkles and decided to attempt the water spotting with W7 Suede.

As you can tell my finger placement needs a little work but I was rather happy with a couple of fingers and that theme continued onto the next mani. I am still learning and will happily practice again.

For the actual mani I used Butter London Slapper, BarryM Gold Foil and Sally Hansen Lustrous 

Here is what Rachel did 

I loved doing this twinsies mani and look forward to doing more, if anyone would liek to try more or do a mani swap just drop me a message on facebook and I will get back to you.

Thank you Rachel and don't forget to head to her blog 

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