Friday, 5 September 2014

Golden Oldie Thursday - Indie

Hi all,

The Golden Oldie Thursday post is a day late and I cheated a lot with this one haha. I realised on my way to work I hadn't scheduled, posted or actually put this together in a blog post I had planned to but it just didn't happen lol.

I used 3 polishes in this mani and only one of them is an indie I think I might have had it just over a year and it was sent to me from debbie at the crumpet when she did a destash. I am using Color Club Poetic Hues, OPI Dining Al Frisco and Candeo Colours Divebomb.

I decided to try something a bit different I did a base of OPI Dining Al Frisco, I then got some striping tape and made a central line and put Colour Club Poetic Hues in that central line, I then put Candeo Divedomb over the top of Color Club Poetic Hues

You can see how I cheated a bit a lot haha but I thought pfft too late now. For a change I managed to get my striping tape to work right and it didn't leave any colour transfer on the polish woop woop for me haha. Sorry about the lack of clean up I didn't even realis until editing these pics how bad it actually was :/

Have a look below at some more of the amazing nail art that was created.

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