Sunday, 28 September 2014

Share the love

Hi everyone,

It is a lovely Sunday afternoon and I thought what better time to do my share the love post. A few of us nail girlies decided that we need to share the love within the nail community. It was Jenni's idea from Nail art Novice and I think it is a great idea. And what better to do on a Sunday than surf the web looking at blogs.

Without further ado here are some fab blogs. Please visit them and don't forget you can follow me all my links are at the top and bloglovin' is at the side ---->

Jenni @ Nail Art Novice
She is just beginning into the world of nail art and is coming on leaps and bounds. Her link is below with a few pictures

Elanor @ Elanors Nails
Elanor is a fellow polish addict. She has amazingly long nails which I am jealous of and she does amazing nail art. 

Tracey @ Bite no more
She was a fellow nail biter like me but our love of nail polish has stopped us and look at some of the amazing things she has created, she is amazing at water marbling wish I was that good.

Morvan @ Pretty Quirky
She does amazing nail art and makes fab nail polish herself. I wish I had the time for that. I had to post the spaniel nail art because I have a spaniel too and they are just the best dogs.

Enigmatic Rambles
She is amazing at nail art and her blog doesn't just feature naila rt it is other beauty products too. Look at that gradient with stamping gorgeous.

Simona @ Light your Nails
Simona is a lovely lady who is based in Italy. She is all about the polish like all us girls and translates her blog into english and italian AMAZING!

So head on over to their blogs say hi, don't forget you can follow everyone via their social media even me

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing a little love! (Yup, spaniels totally rock) x