Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Tri Polish Challenge

Hi all,

Today is the Tri Polish Tuesday again and I think this might be my last mani as it currently is.

I managed to use all my colours on this mani and even an extra one for a bit of extra sparkle. I used BarryM Teal, Primark P.S. Lilac, Colour Club Lady Holiday, a no name silver polish and I used a holographic navy blue/black from taras talons.

I wanted to do a galaxy mani for a while and thought i'd show you what I managed to do. 

It didn't turn out exactly as I wanted but I think it still looks pretty good, very spacey in my opinion I think the dark holo helped alot. 

Check out some more amazing mani's below.


  1. I think these are beautiful Roz! Great job!

  2. I love galaxy manis, and I think your version is pretty! I love that it's a lighter, brighter version.

    1. Thank you I liked this mani in the sunshine it really sparkled from the holo