Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Tri Polish Tuesday Lilac, Teal, Grey and Silver

Hi everyone,

I have given water marbelling another go in this month's Tri polish challenge. I keep 'trying' it because I want to find out which of my polishes do and don't work with watermarbelling.

I have used Primark P.S. Lilac, BarryM Teal, Colour Club Lady Holiday and a no name silver polish.

It is sound to say some of these polishes didn't work well I say some mainly one and that was the Primark one, but I expected that, all the others kind of did work together but I shouldn't have combined them.

When I put the purple in it didn't want to spread at first so I gave the cup a giggle and it did spread but it just wouldn't sit right with the other polishes and when I combined green and grey hmmm it just didn't look right. I am happy as sometimes it did work with the patterns but on my last attempt on my thumb I gave in and just did BarryM Teal and the no name silver polish.

That is today's Tri Polish Tuesday. If you follow Debbie over at the crumpet she is over hauling Golden Oldie Thursday and Tri Polish Tuesday and we will be starting a pix and mix collection at the end of the month. It will be as it sounds more of a pick and mix variety so as soon as details are available we will show you what is coming up. It sounds great and I hope you join in.


  1. It stinks that lilac was no good, but the other colors did so well! I like the thumb. Silver always looks so awesome in a water marble! :)

    1. Thanks I'm going to buy another lilac and give it a go with the silver.