Friday, 3 October 2014

52 Week challenge Week1 part 2

Hi all,

This is the 2nd prompt of this 52 week challenge Pick n Mix. The prompt for today is Teal. I only have one teal polish so my choice wasn't that hard really. The teal I have is the BarryM Teal and I decided I couldn't just have it plain old teal.

It needed a bit of jazzing up so I had a trawl through my draws of polishes and upon trying to destash I found I had a few dupes and then I looked again OK so Nails Inc have 2 Holographic polishes one is called Abbey Road and the other is called Electric Lane. They look exactly the same exept Electric Lane is called a Holographic top coat and Abbey Road is a Holographic Polish. Now I want you to have a look at the bottles and you tell me which is which because I can't tell a flippin' difference.

I will tell you which is which towards the end. Back to the real part of what this blog post is about haha instead of me ranting. 

I thought to jazz it up I'd add glitter or something I saw these and decided to put the holographic something on top of the teal. 

Did you guess right? so the Holographic I used was the Top coat Electric Lane but I am doing to do a comparison blog post and I will let you judge dupe or not a dupe. It looked gorgeous on and it was just a general Holographic polish not a linear one

Have a look below at some of the already amazing bits of nail art.

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