Wednesday, 29 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge 80's

Hi everyone,

Today is another installment of the 52wpnmc and this weeks theme is 80's I decided I would do something I loved growing up as a kid and I'd do a mani inspired by a TV show.

That TV show is married with children. I used to love this show and I'd sit there on a night laughing my head off even as a young very young child. Have you watched it? Let me know if you did because I'm sure someone will know know the TV show.

 I know that this isn't the most perfect nail art but I gave it a go and I think it looks not bad. I used w7 HipHop, Kiko 343 Spring Green and W7 Suede.

So that is it. Have a look below at some more amazing nail art. Don't forget you can follow me on instagram, bloglovin' facebook and pinterest.

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