Friday, 24 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge grey & colour

Hi everyone,

I am here to show you something new I tried for this weeks mani. I tried the amazing technique of stamping decals. If you follow me on instagram you will have seen some sneek peeks a couple of weeks ago and some of the end result. This is the image I was attempting to transfer it is from Moyou plate Pro Collection XL 06. Not a great picture I know but it was done on my phone.

 If you want to see how it ended keep reading.

I used Colour Club Lady Holiday as the base colour. I only did one nail with the stamping decal. For the colours on the decal I used NYC Blue Sky and Catrice Charleston Fa and a no name green polish. I watched quite a few videos on youtube with varying ways of doing it this is the one I kind of followed a video by the lovely lucy from lucys stash.

Here it is right after rolling it on I couldn't believe how seamless the image had transferred.

Heer is the stamper you can see how little was left

Here is after clean up and with a top coat it looked so cool. 

That's it for me today I love doing this I just need to buy like 4 more stampers so I can do a full hand haha.


  1. Oh these are adorable! I didn't even know you could do it like that, it's so clever! Thank you :D

  2. Oh wow, this was the first plate I ever bought, and I've been wanting to use this image have really inspired me. xXXXxxxxxx

    1. Thats great roberta let me know how it turns out