Wednesday, 15 October 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge week 3 60's

Hi everyone,

Todays' theme for the 52 week pick and mix challenge is 60's. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do but until I started searching and asking people on Facebook about the 60's it didn't all click. I wasn't born until 1989 so it's a but before my time so hence the facebook and googling.

I keep forgetting which way round to do my colours as in oldies and untried and tri polish.  Today I used Color Club Poetic Hues as the base, BarryM Blood orange and Catrice Peach and NYC Leather and Mink.

This was my inspiration.  I remember having curtains with this pattern on so you can imagine how old those curtains must have been.

I used Moyou London plate Time Traveller 03 XL

I striped the BarryM and Catrice in a single line alternating down the pattern. Then scraped across it. There were a few mishaps where I got my scraping just in the wrong direction so it didn't transfer to the stamper as well but as I always do I will show you the highlights and fails and I will learn how to do it right haha *I hope* After editing the photos I have realised how much of a fail this was haha I swear it didn't look this bad in person.

Any way have a look below at the amazing nail art I am so jealous of some of these ladies.

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  1. Really inspiring mani it looks gorgeous and pretty :D xx