Friday, 17 October 2014

#52 week pick and mix challenge week3 part 2

Hi guys,

I am squeezing this mani in on a Friday night. I have no real order to my posts at the minute but if you would like to see them in some sort of order let me know in the comments below I don't mind any constructive critisism :)

Todays mani on the 52wpnmc if matte or texture I combined them. I am sad to say it looks rank just not nice at all and that was me just being lazy I think. I was experimenting as well at the same time The polishes I have used are Sally Hansen Sugar Coat 500 Razzle-berry and BarryM Waikiki.

I used Sally Hansen as the base but I only did one coat it looked fine on the nail but as soon as I photographed it, it looked f****** awful so I do apologize I decided to top it with BarryM and use a stamping plate as I wanted to see if I could stamp over the polish. I used cheeky plate number 4. 

 So that is my attempt at nail art haha

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