Sunday, 9 November 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge 3 shades of blue

Hi again everyone,

Sorry this is on the last day I've had a horrendous cold this last week and I'm wiped out.

Today for the 52WPNMC, the 2nd theme is 3 Shades of Blue. I decided I wanted to try layered stamping I got out all my plates and sat there thinking which ones would work best together and which polishes are good for stamping. I chose my polishes fiarly easily as I have lots of blue polishes I used BarryM Blueberry, BarryM Cyan and Kiko 266 Ultramarine Blue, I used BarryM white to break it up a bit. I used stamping plate Moyou London pro collection XL 06 and Cheeky plate

I tried to do different patterns on every nail.

I really like my middle and ring finger nails best check out the link below for more lovely nail art. So I am off to go and curl up in the bath because I feel horrendous and I will be back next week.

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