Wednesday, 5 November 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge Domestic Animal

Hi all,

This post to you today is totally about my dog my lovely Springer Spaniel Ralph. I saw the post done by MO at Pretty Quirky and I thought about how I would do ralphs face on my nails.

He has a mainly brown face and I just couldn't figure out how I would differentiate between his nose and face and eyes so I wussed out and did a side on view of him stood.

I used BarryM white and blue berry as the base I did the saran wrap effect. I then used BarryM matte black and white to make the grey stone and BarryM White and W7 Suede for ralph and my rio nail art pen in black for the words and shapes.

Here is ralph the man of the mani haha you can see why I spent too long thinking about how to do it. He is a 6 yr old English Springer Spaniel and he is my baby. He runs about like a loon even after he has had cruciat ligament surgery last year to repair both the ligaments in his back left leg. He loves mummy cuddles with me and is food obsessed haha you'd think we never feed him.

Check out more nail art in the link below. The inlinkz link up at the bottom won't show like it normally does so click the link below to view them, they have changed how you get the code so click the link below to be shown in a new window.

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  1. Ohmigawd...he's just the cutest thing! That face! And a gorgeous mani to match. Love everything about this xxx