Friday, 12 December 2014

52 week pick and mix challenge Chevrons

Hello again,

Sorry for the lack of posts but this week has been hectic. I just can't get a rest but hopefully soon I will get chance to with some time off work.

Todays' theme is chevrons, now then I thought I'd do a slight twist on chevrons and try hand drawn chevrons with a striping brush.....I know I know what made me think of doing that. Well 1 I don't have any chevrons nail vinyls :( and 2 I couldn't be bothered to make any haha!

So I sat there with my striping brush and my black nail polish and set to work.

I used Nail Inc The Boltons and Sally Hansen Lacquer shine Lustrous

This is what I did, I know not good or great but I gave it a go and like I say about my blog I will show you the good and the bad because we are all always learning. I'm not perfect so I will show you my imperfections as well

Very unsymmetrical very patchy but ahhh well hopefully I will get some vinyls soon.

 Check out below the amazing nail art done my more amazing girls below

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