Monday, 15 December 2014

Holo Indie polish Post Taras Talons and Enkelini

Hi everyone,

Today I am just trying to clear out my archive I have lots of photos I am wanting to get out here but finding it hard to get a schedule, so until then I am just going to do random posts as and when.

I did this mani aaaaages ago and it is a combination of 2 holo Indie polishes I got. The first one is Enkelini The grass is greener - Enkelini is no longer around which is a shame, I got this polish from a grab bag by the lovely debbie @ The Crumpet and she is currently doing some amazing grab bags,. This polish is just amazing the holo in it and the colour I don't like greens but green holos this bright are lush!

The next polish is another one I got from a mystery bag from the lovely tara @ Taras Talons. It doesn't have a name just a number 152. It is a lovely really dark blue almost black holographic polish and again just gorgeous.It is totally a one coater and dries super quick.

If you want to look round taras shop Click Here

This is what I did.

OH THE HOLO!!! Look at that sparkle. The Enkelini did spread a little when I dotted it but I really didn't mind at all I love this mani and I can't wait to wear that green again it is in my list of polishes I love. 

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