Monday, 12 January 2015

Taking a rest

Hi all,

I'm going to explain what will be going on with my blog over the next couple of months.

Over the next couple of months it's going to be really busy for me and I already feel like I'm not giving the blog my all at the minute.

I've got my wedding this year,  I'm going to be trying to shed some weight for my wedding as well and work is ramping up.
I feel like I'm spreading myself a little thin so I want to concentrate on me and  I think it would be unfair to try and just phone the blog in so I'm taking a break from blogging, at least until I've got a routine back and am able to properly plan things out.

Also my nails if you follow me on instagram,you will have seen how badly my nails have been damaged over the last couple of weeks and I want to repair them and look after them.  I am going to still be taking part jn the challenges and posting them on instagram but not doing blog posts, I don't have the time to spend writing blog posts.

I hope to be back at some point I just don't have a time plan at the minute. I hope that you do still decide to follow me because I will be doing my nail art and practising techniques I may go a week without posting something but when I do it will include whatever I have missed.

I've got a couple of blog posts coming up over the next week from a few other bloggers. If you read this and would like to do a guest blog post, just drop me a line to